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Etch Auto Glass

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Step 1
Clean the glass where you intend to etch.Using window cleaner or auto glass cleaner, remove all dust, dirt, grease and grime from the window or glass. Then clean it a second time to make sure you've removed all dirt and contaminants.

Open and unfold one of the Alcohol Prep Pads. Use one side of the sheet to do a final cleaning of the glass. Do not throw away. You will use the other side for another window etching.

Step 2
Place the stencil. Carefully place the stencil where you want the etching to appear on the glass. Make sure the edges where you will be placing the etching cream are flush against the glass so the cream won't seep under. You want nice crisp edges and lines. Protect the area around the stencil by using painter's tape and attaching newspaper or other heavy-duty paper to the glass. Make sure the etching cream will not come in contact with the paint on the vehicle, because it will damage the finish. Use tape and newspaper to protect the paint as necessary, but do not use masking tape on the paint.

Step 3
Brush on the etching cream. Wear protective gloves, included in the kit. Brush on a generous layer of etching cream over the area of the stencil where you want the etching to appear. Let the etching cream sit on the auto glass for at least 15 minutes.

Step 3 Notes:

The stencil has small pieces of vinyl inside each letter. These may not all stick to the backing paper as the stencil is pealed up. You can easily remove them using a straightened paperclip end. You will find a clip in the bag with the stencils. If a piece is left behind or if you accidentally break one of the connecting pieces inside a letter or number, do NOT panic. The VIN will still be readable. The point of the system is to prevent your car from being stolen in the first place, more than recovering a piece of your glass after your car has been sent through a chop shop. If a dividing piece of one of the stencil letters breaks, you can push it back into proper position using the end of the paper clip.

Step 4
Remove the etching cream from the glass. Still wearing the gloves, use a wet sponge to carefully wipe the etching cream away. Make sure you do not drag or smear it into any areas you do not want etched or onto any of the auto paint. Do not let the cream touch your skin . Dip the sponge in the bucket of water, wipe the area where the cream was clean again. Repeat this several times until all of the etching cream is gone. Use a wet paper towel to clean the area again and let it dry.

Step 5
Remove the stencil and clean the glass.Carefully remove the stencil, masking tape and any newspaper. Give the auto glass one last thorough cleaning using window cleaner and paper towels. Enjoy your etched auto glass.

The etching cream eats into the glass and is permanent.

Repeat this process for each window and the outside mirrors.

Clean the inside glass where you would like to attach the warning sticker. Attach one of the WARNING stickers to the inside glass of your windshield or a window of your choice. The idea is to make it as obvious as possible without blocking your view while driving or becoming a distraction. You will notice the sticker seems to be printed in reverse. This makes the warning notice readable from outside the vehicle. When you remove the backing paper try not to touch the adhesive as the fingerprints will show.

You can attach both stickers, such as one to the windshield and one on the back window, or you can keep one in reserve to use in the future should anything happen to the first one. However, if a sticker is damaged or destroyed you can write us and include a $1.00 bill in the envelope and we will gladly mail you two new warning stickers. You can also order a new set of stickers online here.

Limitations of Auto Glass Etching

To be completely honest, and in the interest of full disclosure the window numbers can be grinded off, although that requires a power tool and time. It is too much work to be practical and can only be done well after the car is stolen and driven to another location. Grinding the vin numbers off of 6 windows is a lot of work. It is also very obvious. (There is no way to grind the numbers off the outside mirrors without destroying them, which means much more work and expense for the thieves.) The grinding spots on all the windows are also much too obvious to try to pass off to even the ordinary auto purchaser.

Another method is to use a blow torch, but again that can only be done well after the car is stolen and taken to a shop. This though is difficult to do without damaging car parts. This involves actually melting the glass, again very difficult to do, and it can be seen by anyone looking at the glass. Trying this technique, like grinding, will make it much more difficult to try to sell the car. If observed by the police, they will know it was tampered with and that something is wrong, which will cause them to do a further investigation.

Anyone with any real knowledge of car theft is not going to bother with any of this. They will simply pass up your car and go steal someone else's vehicle.

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